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Swivel Handles

Tool Kits

Tool Kits
Torque Master Tool kits are specially matched to meet tool storage needs of professional mechanics and service technicians. These very carefully designed set structure offer both an effective means of tool storage and a showcase appearance. Built to last, these kits are a wise investment because they hold their value. Torque Master can even design and supply storage combinations, which will best meet your particular needs.

Tool Kit No. Description
TK 2-090-I Basic Service Tool Kit Set in Inches Range.
TK 2-158 MI General Service Tools Set in Metric / Inches Range.
TK 2-098 M Basic Service Tools Set in Metric Range.
TK 2-104 M Mechanic Tools Set in Metric Range.
TK 2-101-MI Machine Shop Maintenance Tools Set in Metric.
TK 2-123-M Maintenance Tools Set in Metric.
TK 2-103-M Fitter Tools Set in Metric.
TK 2-M Midget Set in Metric.
TK 2-072 I General Maintenance Tools Set in Inches.
TK 2-073 I General Maintenance Tools Set in Inches.
TK 2-076 M Garage Maintenance Tools Set in Metric.
TK 2-077 M Garage Maintenance Tools Set in Metric.
TK 2-190 MI Master Mechanic Tools Set in Metric & Inches.
TK 2-198 MI Garage Maintenance Tools Set in Metric & Inches.

Swivel Handles

Swivel Handles

Swivel T Handle is a driving tool for manually operated sockets to tighten nuts located at awkward places unapproachable by standard driving tools. It is manufactured in ¼" (6.3mm) to 1" (25mm) square drives. The handle in ¾" (20mm) & 1" (25mm) square drive tools is detachable from the swivel head.

Part No. Sq. Dr. Head Dia Head Depth Approx OAL
SH0 1/4" 14.0 23 150
SH1 3/8" 22.0 35 250
SH2 1/2" 26.0 44 360
SH3 3/4" 41.0 62 580
SH4 1.0" 45.0 92 815

Speed Brace

Speed Brace

We are manufacturer of Speed Brace.

Part No. Sq. Dr. Shank Length Sweep Radius Approx OAL
SB0 1/4" 85 95 310
SB1 3/8" 125 125 360
SB2 1/2" 115 135 405

Hex Drivers

Hex Drivers

we offer Hex Drivers.

Part No.* Nom Size A/F Sockets End. Dia Hex Drive Size Approx OAL
HD0-7/75 7 11.6 1/4"(6.35mm) 75
HD0-8/75 8 12.8 1/4" 75
HD0-10/75 10 15.3 1/4" 75
HD0-12/75 12 17.8 1/4" 75
HD0-8/75 8 13.9 5/16"(8mm) 75
HD0-10/75 10 16.4 5/16" 75
HD0-12/75 12 18.9 5/16" 75

* For over all lengths 100 mm & 150 mm part number will be HD0-A/F / OAL, other dimensions will be same.

Slugging Wrenches

Slugging Wrenches

Torque Master Slugging Wrenches are designed for loosening of frozen and rusty nuts and bolts where impact or shock loading is required. These are used with hammer and are available in double hex broaching in straight pattern which applies force directly in the plain of the fastener head. The range covers across flat sizes 24mm to 140 mm (15/16" to 5 ½" SAE). Single Hex slugging wrenches can also be manufactured on customer's requirements.
We also offer offset pattern, because of its offset angle it raises the level of wrench above surface. Available 24mm to 60mm (15/16" to 2 ½")

Angle Handle

Angle Handle

Hex Adaptors

Hex Adaptors
Hex Adaptors are used for tightening of sockets cap screws and bolts. These are available in ¼" to 1" square drives to cover across flat sizes from 3mm to 36mm and 1/8" to 1 1/8" in standard and extra lengths for manual as well as impact use.
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